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Exogenous gonadotropin administration does advance ovulation and higher estrous synchronization precision [1] [9] [47]. Assaf ewes presented a body weight and BSC suitable to breeding activity, regardless been at the 3 - 4 th month of lactation. Cervical outflow should be avoided [15] [46] , especially when it is plentiful [46]. Crossing with outside breeds such as Awassi, Cyprus and finn. So, semen transportation through the cervical canal depends on cervical mucus volume and quality [64]. Cervical outflow frequency and fertility rate.


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Characteristics of ovarian follicle development in domestic animals. Journal of Pineal Research, v. Subscribe to Newsletter If you want to know first the news of our company, fill in your email in the form below: Further research is worthwhile to measure in vivo ovulatory capacity and the mechanisms involved in follicle growth near the critical time of diameter deviation in ewes. Ultrassound and endocrine evaluation of the ovarian response to PGF2a given at different stages of the luteal phase in ewes.

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Photograph by Magic Foundry. To understand it best, I would suggest that you change the phrase from "sensing fear" to "reading fear. Membrane functional integrity was further assessed by the hypoosmotic swelling test HOST [ 49 ]. It's helpful to have a fourm where everyone is invited and can feel free to express their opinions. High and low dietary energy were , and Kcal. Estrogen resistance caused by a mutation in the estrogen-receptor gene in a man. Dysmetabolic syndrome in a man with a novel mutation of the aromatase gene:
Effects of age of semen on conception rate in cattle farm condition. The percentage of motile spermatozoa in this experiment gradually decreased with storage time Fig. Influence of melatonin implantation on sperm quality, biochemical composition of the seminal plasma and plasma testosterone levels in rams. Proximal cytoplasomic droplet, F. Gallegos de la Hoya 2 and L. At present, cord blood can be preserved at ultra-low temperatures. Many of those farmers end up buying dairy sheep, seeing an advantage in an animal that produces a new income source in addition to wool and meat.

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